Review & Teardown of Xiaomi 10400mAh Powerbank [NDY-02AD]

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Best powerbank so far that I’ve tested. Very good output current, and very low ripple, and store huge amount of power with 4x 2600mAh LG cell.

Moreover, the price is considered extremely cheap versus other branded powerbank like Sony, Sanyo/Panasonic Eneloop.

If you’re an electronic engineer that knows the components price, you’ll find this “a steal” — Even some people buying these powerbank to take the LG 18650 Batteries and scrap the charger.

This powerbank dominates the “Quality Powerbank” class. I don’t have any reason to not to buy this powerbank. Maybe Japanese (Sony and Sanyo) Cells are better, but I think it’s overkill to be used on a Powerbank, which we don’t recharge it often like once or twice a day. Even if you’re a power user, because of these huge capacity, you’ll recharge it around once a week, or once every two weeks (like me) This translates only 30-50 cycles per year! Not like phones and laptops that may be charged more than 500cycles per year.

The only downside for some people for this powerbank, is the huge body and quite heavy. Which Xiaomi already addressed it now by releasing the new 5000mAh powerbank, and new 10000mAh 3 cell edition. You can buy that with similar quality as this powerbank, because they still use the same power controller with this one.

Maybe someday I’ll write the review of Xiaomi 10000 mAh Powerbank which using Sanyo(Panasonic) Cells. Seems the best just got better!


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